Function pyo3::marshal::dumps_bound

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pub fn dumps_bound<'py>(
    py: Python<'py>,
    object: &impl AsPyPointer,
    version: i32
) -> PyResult<Bound<'py, PyBytes>>
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Serialize an object to bytes using the Python built-in marshal module.

The built-in marshalling only supports a limited range of objects. The exact types supported depend on the version argument. The VERSION constant holds the highest version currently supported.

See the Python documentation for more details.


let dict = PyDict::new_bound(py);
dict.set_item("aap", "noot").unwrap();
dict.set_item("mies", "wim").unwrap();
dict.set_item("zus", "jet").unwrap();

let bytes = marshal::dumps_bound(py, &dict, marshal::VERSION);