[][src]Trait pyo3::pyclass_init::PyObjectInit

pub trait PyObjectInit<T: PyTypeInfo>: Sized {
    fn init_class<L: PyLayout<T>>(self, layout: &mut L);
fn __private__(&self) -> PrivateMarker; }

Initializer for Python types.

This trait is intended to use internally for distinguishing #[pyclass] and Python native types.

Required methods

fn init_class<L: PyLayout<T>>(self, layout: &mut L)

fn __private__(&self) -> PrivateMarker

This trait is private to implement; this method exists to make it impossible to implement outside the crate.

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impl<T: PyClass> PyObjectInit<T> for PyClassInitializer<T>[src]

impl<T: PyTypeInfo> PyObjectInit<T> for PyNativeTypeInitializer<T>[src]

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