[][src]Trait pyo3::type_object::PySizedLayout

pub trait PySizedLayout<T: PyTypeInfo>: PyLayout<T> + Sized { }

T: PySizedLayout<U> represents T is not a instance of PyVarObject. , in addition that T is a concrete representaion of U.


impl PySizedLayout<PyBaseException> for PyBaseExceptionObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyAny> for PyObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyBool> for PyObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyComplex> for PyComplexObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyDate> for PyDateTime_Date[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyDateTime> for PyDateTime_DateTime[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyDelta> for PyDateTime_Delta[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyDict> for PyDictObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyFloat> for PyFloatObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyFrozenSet> for PySetObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PySet> for PySetObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PySlice> for PySliceObject[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyTime> for PyDateTime_Time[src]

impl PySizedLayout<PyTzInfo> for PyObject[src]

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