Trait pyo3::pyclass::PyClass[][src]

pub trait PyClass: PyTypeInfo<AsRefTarget = PyCell<Self>> + PyClassImpl<Layout = PyCell<Self>> {
    type Dict: PyClassDict;
    type WeakRef: PyClassWeakRef;
    type BaseNativeType: PyTypeInfo + PyNativeType;
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If PyClass is implemented for a Rust type T, then we can use T in the Python world, via PyCell.

The #[pyclass] attribute automatically implements this trait for your Rust struct, so you normally don’t have to use this trait directly.

Associated Types

Specify this class has #[pyclass(dict)] or not.

Specify this class has #[pyclass(weakref)] or not.

The closest native ancestor. This is PyAny by default, and when you declare #[pyclass(extends=PyDict)], it’s PyDict.